Read Artichoke Bags' Story

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Not sure who exactly wrote this quote, but the person must have been really smart…

At Artichoke we believe travelling is, by far, the best way to invest your money. We’ve done that for many years and yet could not find the perfect bag to carry our belongings around easily and efficiently.

– We have tried trolleys. They are good, they roll and you don’t carry the weight. But, if you want something out of them sometime during your trip, you need a large surface where to open them, and it gets messy. What if you have to walk up and down the stairs or reach your hotel through country roads? So, we figured trolleys were not the best way to do it.

– We have tried duffle bags. They look cool and can be carried pretty much everywhere. But what if the bag is not completely full? If you want to take something out of it in the middle of your trip
everything gets pretty messy in there. Having a single shoulder strap, you have to swap shoulders not to get tired and you start walking funny. So, no more duffle bags for our trips.

– We have tried trekking backpacks. They are comfortable and let you walk anywhere, but, grabbing something out of them is a challenge. Plus, if they are not completely full, your clothes move around and get wrinkles.

So, we decided to make our own travel bag! Something easy to carry around, on stairs or country roads, fast to pack and unpack. Something that keeps everything tidy and wrinkle free, even if the bag is half full. Something that makes it easy to reach for anything, anytime.

We thought to make our bag carry-on friendly, so that one can take it on a plane without waiting for it after landing.

All of us like to carry as many things as possible when travelling, so our size is the perfect carry-on with no waste of space. 50cm x 35cm x 20cm is the large version of the right carry-on size.

But, not all of us like travelling with large carry-on backpacks. That’s why we decided to make a smaller version for short weekend trips.

We eventually got a great product and everybody said it really helped them when travelling, but we did not know how and where to produce it on a bigger scale. We met some consultants and they all suggested a trip to China to visit factories and talk to manufacturers who could help us with the production process.

However, the small studio where our prototypes were made, here in North East Italy, is trustworthy; after long discussions, we chose to go for the greatest quality and stay with our local artisans. They have been producing high quality for decades, after learning from generations who have done it for centuries.

We understand the final price will be a bit higher, but we like to give work and opportunities to small Italian laboratories, pay workers fairly for the correct amount of working hours. We believe and hope our customers will share our choice and help us promote those values in our country.