Artichoke is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration, a limited edition that will make hikers and mountain-lovers happy.

From the union of Artichoke and Arch-Industry, we developed a series of backpacks entirely hand made by Andrea, designer, and taylor specialized in the production of custom bags and backpacks.

The very limited series (10 "one of a kind" recycled-sail backpacks) combines the innovative design and materials of artichoke with the comfort of Arch-Industry's trekking backpacks and strengthens our ideals of environmental and social sustainability. The new models are characterized by a more ergonomic structure and the addition of gadgets and pockets allow you to have your adventure-equipment at your fingertips.

If you want to order one of those 10 backpacks, please write us at If we still have one backpack available we will contact you with the details to complete the order.